Lush Shinjuku – Christmas Has Arrived in Japan

On September 23rd, Lush Shinjuku posted on Instagram that they will be carrying the whole Lush Christmas line from the 24th as the only place in Japan besides the Sannomiya shop in Kobe. All other shops will be carrying only the partial line until mid-October.

I dropped by Lush Shinjuku for a visit to check out whats back, new and different.

Snow Fairy Greets you at the Entrance

As soon as I entered the store I spotted the Snow Fairy line. The set up is very “bubblegum dream”. I am not a Snow Fairy fan but I know many people are so I am happy you can smell like snowfairy from head to toe this year.

Most of the line is recurring favorites like the shower gel, dusting powder, and bath bomb but this year a shampoo bar joins the line-up. Every item is true to the beloved snow fairy scent.

Third Floor- Winter Wonderland

Due to Corona, the third floor of Lush Shinjuku was closed since re-opining. Now, it is dedicated to Lush Christmas.

This year’s line-up is smaller compared to the previous years but this also means it isn’t as overwhelming as new Lush releases sometimes can be.

Some old favorites got a makeover. There is a cute bear soap with a minty/creamy scent but the bathbomb with the same design smells of butterball (white chocolate).

As every year, the bubble bars are some of the cutest of the line up.

The new shower gel this year is Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. In the bottle, it smells creamy and spicy and in my opinion, it smells like Bûche de Noël when used.

Last year’s favorite Yog Nog is back as a shower gel and a body milk replaces last year’s body conditioner and So White (Apple Scent) is back this year as well.

To fight dry winter skin, Lush added the body scrub “Orange“. It smells of juicy madarine oranges which are extremely popular around Japanese New Year.

Christmas Lush Times of the previous years are framed to decorate the wall on your way down from the third floor. I saw many old favorites and it was my favorite part about this years Christmas decoration at Lush Shinjuku.

It is Never to Early to Treat Yourself

Some people might think September is a little early for Christmas but many of the items such as the “Orange” scrub or even Snow Fairy line can be easily already used during the warmer weather. If you happen to be in Tokyo, make sure to drop by Shinjuku to check out the Lush Christmas line up.

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